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I just want to know if this is actually legitimate or if it is an attempt at compromising my account.

Here's a link to the picture of the chat I took with my phone: you in advance! I don't even think they use the in app motifications (near your username.) Anything like a beta invite, possible compromised acvount, bans, etc. And if it doesn't come from then it's probably also illegitimate. All contact with you must start with you submitting a support ticket.

For approximately 40 seconds, the patron's request is available for pickup only by librarians monitoring the patron's primary queue.

Then, it also becomes available for pickup by librarians monitoring queues for any assisting cooperatives.

They do not even contact you if your account gets suspended.

I know how to do it for a single contact, but repeating the same for thousands of contacts is tiresome. I used Regular Expression in Visual Studio IDE to remove special characters. It ended with error :(From the link @Rauf provided.Many Gmail users may be unaware of this feature or how to use them properly.See Settings (Chat) for information about controlling the notifications that you receive in chat.I started my personal domain and configured Gmail to use as mail server.I imported all contacts from my old Gmail account to the new one.

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