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The Communist Party of Great Britain lists abolition of age of consent laws among its immediate demands, with the added provision that there be alternate legal methods to protect children from sexual abuse.In 2000 a committee of twelve teenage girls, set up to advise the UK government on youth issues, recommended that the age of consent be reduced to 12.Specifically, they tend to focus on a pragmatic analysis of a new situation, including puberty at earlier ages, a higher proportion of young people sexually active below the age of consent and a trend to negotiate sexual behavior in secrecy in certain age groups.

" At the end of the program it was announced that 16% voted yes and 84% voted no.

The submission to the Criminal Law Revision Committee generated extensive newspaper coverage.

While the report recognised the merits of abolishing the age of consent, it proposed retaining a prohibition on sex under the age of 14 "as a compromise with public attitudes", stating that "although it is both logical and consistent with modern knowledge about child development, to suggest that the age of consent should be abolished, we fear that, given the present state of public attitudes on this topic, it will not be politically possible to abolish the age of consent".

If you are talking about a general friend and want to make it clear that it is a man, you can say male friend.

Common slang words for men include bloke, fella and guy. In Britain you go out with a man, meaning that you start to socialise with him as your partner (in American English, you might date someone).

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