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How to help your employees with childcare - a government provided guide to help with supporting working parents by providing wither workplace nurseries / child care, other child care provision and childcare voucher schemes: and childcare voucher schemes - this guide helps you to understand whether you, as a parent, are better off using a childcare voucher scheme or working tax credits.

Tax exemptions are provided by the Government to reduce the tax burden.

It is important to note that if the rules and procedures are not followed, the employer and employee may be liable for HMRC penalties.

Early Years Vouchers accept no responsibility if you do not conform to the required regulations.

What changes do I have to make if I want to use childcare vouchers to pay for my childcare?

HMRC has issued guidance in - Guidance for employees and childcare provisions by employers including childcare vouchers, directly contracted-out childcare and workplace day-care or nurseries.

If you have a question about Tax-Free Childcare, you can visit our dedicated website: and Eligibility 1.

Is there a limit to the amount of vouchers I can have? If I pay Higher rate tax, can I still claim childcare vouchers? How will I know whether I will drop below the national minimum wage? Will childcare vouchers affect my eligibility for other employee benefits? Why does my employer have to carry out a basic earnings assessment? Who should I contact if I want to know more about the scheme?

We are not tax advisors and you should always make sure that your accountant verifies that you are reporting correctly. The information provided on salary sacrifices cover their interaction with other forms of non-cash benefits, cash benefits and allowances including statutory maternity pay, statutory sick pay, job seeekers allowance, state pensions, working tax credits, child tax credits, maternity allowance, incapacity benefits, and other income-related benefits.

Understanding the difference between is important in understanding how to reduce childcare costs.

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This includes childcare voucher schemes, workplace nurseries and childcare from a third party.

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