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Again, simply listing off characteristics is not helpful. Make sure your last sentence is positive and upbeat.

Are you on the lookout for ideas to create a good username for your online profile?

In fact, one in ten Americans have used an online dating site or app, and one-third of married couples in the United States meet online.

But, on behalf of those of us still "single and looking" online, I have to ask, Sarah Gooding, dating coach at Plenty Of Fish, tells us that it may be that your online profile could use some work.

For example: AVOID WORDS LIKE "SOUL MATE," "TRUE LOVE," AND "MARRIAGE." Not to be confused with stating your intent (see tip #5), these particular words tell a potential date that you may have unrealistic expectations early on, or that you are so eager to be in a relationship you may be willing to settle. If you have trouble listing these off, ask a friend to describe you.

The more you beef up your interest list, the better equipped the site’s matching algorithm will be to match you with like-minded singles.

If you describe yourself too generally, your profile will make you sound like everyone else and you won’t hone in on those you’re most compatible with. Do your best to ensure everything on your profile is positive and upbeat: your profile description, your photos (frowning won’t get you dates), and the messages you send. Instead, communicate the same message with a positive twist. Think about specific things you like to do in your spare time.

A good way to avoid being too general is to use examples and stories to elaborate on who you are. When it comes to your profile description, avoid using phrases that start with “I don’t like . Include things like food, sports, music preferences, creative hobbies, and lifestyle-related activities.

Many teenagers make up unique online names to up their cool quotient while they are on popular social networking sites.Your photos are the most important part of your online-dating profile.That said, it's important that your photos reflect your best self. As a general rule, post no fewer than three photos of yourself in a variety of different settings. which will help him when he’s trying to spot you in a crowd on your first date.If you’re looking for something meaningful, being distracted by Mr. Unfortunately women have a tendency to upload their sultry shots, duck faces, and artificial grins . If you’re genuinely interested in finding a relationship, don’t downplay your desires for fear of looking desperate.Wrongs will set you behind on your search for that special someone. Based on the relationships Plenty Of Fish creates every year, Gooding has determined that users who are honest about wanting a relationship are more likely to find it and leave the site .

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