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The transition theme on Saturday is one of many such steps to prepare teens for transition and gain valuable feedback from teens themselves about the process. becoz we learn so much, like this weekend we were were talking about love and dating, and we even made some drama.The last teen planning meeting on June 16 2012, the 21st anniversary of the Day of the African Child, was a very special day for the teen leaders. and at e ntotele we learn to be a responsible preson in life and not do things i will regret in life.A pastor from Zimbabwe is in serious trouble after denying rape, which is a serious offence, and admitting to failing to pay for services rendered between the sheets, Mmegi reported.Though facing a rape charge the pastor accuses the complainant of crying wolf because he could not pay for the sexual escapade.

As a result, providers are focused on designing a smooth and effective transition program.

He said that he was hauled before court and is currently languishing in jail only because he did not have money to immediately pay for services rendered after the sexual adventure."The complainant was demanding money after sex, which I did not have at that time.

My failure to pay for sex on time is the one (reason) making the complainant to falsely implicate me for rape. We had arranged to have sex and she honoured the appointment by coming to my place."My friend has already deposited P1,000 into the account of the complainant that she demanded from me while I was in custody," said a remorseful Thembo of Harare.

After our meeting, the whole crew got to talk and to know each other better over some fried chicken from KFC!

Camp Ya Chesa: Boitumelo mo Nageng was held in December for 59 patients of Botswana-Baylor Children’s Clinical Centre of Excellence at Mokolodi Nature Reserve.

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