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That being said, the labels of “femmes” and “studs” themselves can carry a bit of a stereotype around them.

Just as with all stereotypes out there, just because it’s “sometimes true” doesn’t make it the rule.

When we apply restrictions to who we can date simply based on what we look like, we are limiting ourselves the possibility of finding true love.

That’s not to say that you can’t prefer someone with a different label than yourself – but you are in no way forced to go with what society expects from you.

The same can be true for straight women and bisexuals; it has nothing to do with your orientation, or your style, or anything other than your desires.It’s not really a fair assumption, when you think about it.The truth is, anyone has the capability to be abusive.In my case, I prefer women who fall in between categorizations – but my current relationship is with a stud.Do we get funny looks when we’re both dressed in more masculine clothing? Your relationship shouldn’t be about making other people happy – it’s about making yourself happy. I know plenty of women who have changed labels at some point in their life.

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