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I think the female body is the most beautiful thing that was ever created - of course I would think that - I'm a... I have as some may say an eclectic group of friends and aquaintanses (sp? I guess I deserve it if I can't even finish an Edith Wharton novel, "oh please don't take the sleeping pills, I'll sell Rip Van Winkles hat". Hello I am not true hermaphrodite but a female pseudohermaphrodite I was born with a extreme big clitoris , like a penis so i was a to my puberty i lived normal as a boybut then the troubles with my body startedwith 14 i had my menarchewith 15 i had cup b boobsfrom that... If you can accept who you are then that is wonderful. Okay, before I get slammed , I am not a hermaphodite, but I have two friends in my life who are and I love them dearly. E pistemology or knowledge I am a male with good image and a healthy, but, we have thought, and my thought is , I am a female, or I am in love with woman and penetrate to she but, I got sentiment a feel of woman in my love. You should never be embarrased about what you are be proud i think it is a great experience, I dont mind dating a hormophrodite beutifull.I Think you people are beutifull even though i am not a hormophrodite if some one talk crap about you tell them to go screw themselves. He told me he could tell something was bothering me because I shut my radio off all day. Other then not wearing revealing clothing it has never been a problem.I'm going to spare the long boring details and start with this. If you don't like it, then I guess you don't have to but don't tell me you don't like me just to prove your point.

And before you do that you have to verify key things about the person you want to meet, and what he or she has told you.

I was born with testicles that they are inside my abdomen. They don't function very well but sadly enough to make me develop...

for a long time i have known that i am so strange, that to ever find someone who could get past my disability, let alone help me deal with it, was about as crazy a thing to hope for as you could possibly come up with, nonetheless, i believed it could happen, and still do.

i cannot speak for anyone else, but there is a lot of sexual connotation associated to my condition, rightfully so, because it is all about sex, but i honestly feel like there should be more emphasis on the psychological ramifications, but how would i know, i just live with this... Every song reminded me of Im sorry to say I cant move from this. But recently it has been growing huge with no signs of slowing down. people move on, get married, have children and I am just watching and just waiting when is my turn.

First and foremost I am not a Transexual or Hermaphrodite. I believe the human body is the most functional, beautiful and adaptable form in nature. I can no longer wear skirts and strap it down when in public fearing it will be hard. I just had my birthday and realize how life is just passing me by. I am just a little bit jealous seeing my little sisters and... Gallivanting around with the picture of industrial revolution royalty. But I find myself being emotionally and spiritually attracted to true a hermaphrodite. I truly feel that they are sensuous, more sensitive to the needs of others and extremely sexy. I was born in1958 they sead I was male I lived and acted like a boy through out childhood but in my mind somthing told me I was different I did not know how just different, When I turned 6 or 7 I started to act different in small ways I started being more sensitive and...

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She loved that girl so storng,she died for her.coldnt live any longer.pain was too much for .. I do have a birth control device in my left arm to stop my periods. but I don't have breast or an uterus, which mean I may look like a woman from outside world but inside I am not. My list is forever growing on my Family Tree on facebook.

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