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I mean, who hasn’t dabbled in air guitar in their lives, right? Pay close attention to the pages they fan, the groups they belong to, and even just what they talk about on their wall.One friend I interviewed saw that a guy she just started dating talked about skiing for two weeks straight and was a fan of a certain brand of skiing apparel.In Part 1 of my two-part series, I discussed the proper gift for guys to give in a new or unofficial relationship. I spoke to a dozen close female friends about this very topic and took extremely thorough notes.I have to admit, it was fun, and educational, to hear the other side’s perspective.Doesn’t matter if it’s the regional bowling finals followed by dinner at the nearby pizza joint.The point is that you show interest in At this point, nothing can get better..except if it was official, that is.On your first date she tells you her birthday isn’t until October, and you rejoice.

When the relationship is getting better, but you’re still unsure about where you stand, go with something that reveals how just thoughtful you are.

You sail through dates two and three worry-free, but then it’s date four and Christmas is two days away.

Right in the middle of cuffing season, Christmas is basically an etiquette nightmare for the just-started-dating crowd.

I will say that if the person you’re dating has stuck around for this long, they probably don’t want to leave. As usual, sometimes it takes a strong woman to make the first step. Here’s a great example: A friend of mine gave her new guy a “Day Of Favorites.” From start to finish the day was about doing fun things he enjoyed – a nice breakfast, a scenic drive, a stellar lunch spot, a good movie, and then a great night out on the town.

As I mentioned in Part 1, is a birthday the right time to bring up “the talk”? But the perfect present could very well put things in place, saying just what is needed without words. By the 3-4 month mark, you know what floats their boat so it won’t be hard to arrange your own day of favorites.

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