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There isn’t any cookie-cutter way to start dating in college, let alone anywhere.Much it depends on the timing, coincidence, and where you happen to be in life.In my first week I walked by a Pride Student Union display, excitedly supported by throng of students.Within a couple months I had fallen in with an out and proud group of guys that quickly became some of the best friends I’d ever had.

It was difficult to ignore, but impossible to embrace.

I wanted to get away from everyone that knew me so I could hit reset and start living honestly. The social strictures of high school seemed to (mostly) fade away.

Friend groups shifted, styles changed, and fantastic personalities emerged.

Even positive responses can be disappointing, but more importantly, it’s not always safe to come out to a community that has no way of empathizing.

Dating can be an important ritual in college, if not for sexual satiation, then for the compassionate emotional connection.

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