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Whereas, youll always get a fantastic letter telling you how much she likes you and is in love with you when the agency writes the letter pretending to be the woman.The agencies are getting much more sophisticated in their false letters but youll still see some phrases like tell me more about your city. Youll also at least initially hear about not only how wonderful and fantastic you are, but initial sentences warning about some future economic catastrophe.If a lady has several boyfriends like you shes making a lot of money every month and is living the good life.

Not only is there time and energy in translating and sending this letter but most people, in this case the ladies, generally dont write very good return letters.There is a very high chance when the agency calls good girls the lady will not see you as a potential future husband and will not want to with you. What most agencies have in their profile base are what Im referring to as bad girls.Bad girls are ladies that really are not interested in you as a future husband but are interested in taking advantage of you. What they are after is getting paid by the agency to meet you and taking you to restaurants they could never afford to go to and having a great time, as well as, taking you on a big shopping spree where you will buy them lot of great expense gifts.Its their job and they work very hard at it to meet men online and pretend that they love you.In fact, its so common that there is even a term for it.

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These ladies are making quite a bit of money and live here in their own country. Why would a marriage agency go to all the trouble and expense to get really nice ladies to join their agency?

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