Dating antarcic meteorites

Of the almost 16,000 Antarctic meteorites collected since 1976, over 14,000 have been permanently transferred to the Smithsonian.

The date of fall of a meteorite may be estimated from its thermoluminescence (TL) and in this paper the principle of a method of utilising TL to determine the terrestrial ages of eight Antarctic meteorites (Allan Hills-77) is described.

Calcium is an abundant element, and Ca-bearing minerals are common in meteorites, most notably as the mineral plagioclase, a Ca aluminosilicate.

The traps are typically an electron volt or so below the conduction band, and this energy has to be supplied to release them.

Meteorites in Antarctica show an older terrestrial age distribution than for wanner locations.

A few types of meteorites have been found in Antarctica with ages of up to 2 Ma.

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