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And then they’ll let you leave the house without them…

Cancers are happiest tending to their gardens, visiting sick friends, rescuing lost kittens, volunteering with their neighborhood girl scout troop, and enjoying time with those they love. This is one of the Cardinal signs, and as such they can have a lot of spunk, drive and authority.

For this reason, Cancers can be fickle and unpredictable – cracking jokes one minute, weeping at a sentimental dog food commercial the next…

They’ll fall for whoever pays attention to them (even if already in a relationship if they’re not getting lots of energy from their partner).

Being crabs, they can be HARD on the outside, because they’re protecting their soft insides.

So although they give and give, they have a point where they won’t go further.

so their empathy, sensitivities, and “sixth sense” can be very strong.

To woo them again, do something romantic and sentimental and admit to all of your bad behavior – they’ll pretend everything is fine as they HATE confrontation, and don’t want to seem demanding.There are actually THREE kinds of Cancers – and they’re VERY different from one another, which is why you can get along great with one, but terrible with another…And – some Cancers are LESS emotional and mushy than others – seeming almost stoic, in fact! Because of the differences between the three different signs WITHIN the sign of Cancer.The other, equally, if not MORE important thing is to have GOOD RELATIONSHIP SKILLS.So I’ve taken my very favorite tips and tools and put them all into an audio program called, “Soulmate Secrets – The Essential Relationship Skills Happy Couples Use To Stay Close And Connected.” I’ve seen too many smart women blow a GREAT relationship that was blessed by the stars, because they didn’t know how to make the most of what fate had sent their way.

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