Dating services for unemployed singles

And, she would ask does it have to be one or the other?

And, eventually I had to tell her that I wasn't in the position to do both and why don't we do see a movie next time.

I learned this when my cash flow dried up and had less to spend on dating. As long as I had money to take them out to an average or better dating experience all went smoothly and well.

This happened with her twice and I realized she wasn't the one for me.

Under normal circumstances it wouldn't be a problem, however when one is on limited funds it just is.

My business is very slow, so I'm pretty much unemployed, but get no unemplyment compensation.

So, I'm probably in even a worse scenario, since my retirement is paying the majority of my expenses. Over the past couple of years I have taken out a number of ladies and typically after a date or two the great majority of them reveal concerns over the level of entertainment I have been able to afford.

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  1. Variations of these include them needing surgery they can’t afford, treatment for their son’s brain tumor or you may even get a call from someone pretending to be a doctor telling you your partner has been in a serious accident and you need to send money so they can start treatment.