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Therefore, clearing and staining of embryos should be at tempted only by the advanced student under the supervision of an experienced person.

If you plan to study the different stages of embryonic development by one or more of the above methods, be sure to incubate enough eggs for this purpose.

It should not be attempted by the younger student or 4-H member.

If you want to make close-up pictures or slides, place the embryo in a small petri dish or similar container.

Then to preserve the embryo, place it in a 10 percent solution of formalin (1 part of 37 percent formaldehyde with 9 parts of water) in glass jars with screw caps.

STAGES OF EMBRYONIC DEVELOPMENT Shortly after the ovum has been released from the hen's ovary, it is picked up by the funnel or infundibulum.

Sperm from the male are found in the folds of the infundibulum.

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Initially the chorion has no apparent function, but later the allantois fuses with it to form the chorio-allantois membrane.

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