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It is difficult to determine the public domain status of a film because it can incorporate any or all of the following copyrightable elements: Experts in the field of public domain sometimes differ in their opinions as to whether a particular film is in the public domain.The use of music in a film can cause uncertainty with regard to copyright.(See the Academic Calendar) After classes begin a student must “drop” from class(es).A drop card need to be filled out and signed by the student at the Registrar’s Office. A 75 percent refund will be made if the student drops during the period starting from the first day of classes and ending on the 10% day of the academic session.(Also referred to as the census date).The United States is a “patchwork quilt” of inconsistent copyright rules in different federal judicial districts.The courts of one jurisdiction are not obliged to follow the decisions of another.Efforts will be made to keep changes to a minimum, but changes in policy by the North Carolina State Legislature, the Department of Community Colleges, or by local conditions may make some alterations necessary in curricula, fees, etc.Payment methods: cash, check, VISA, Master Card, Discover Card, American Express, Financial Aid or 3rd party sponsorship.

Students may continue to drop and add classes through the Final Adjustment Day and still receive 100 percent tuition refund.Withdrawal forms must be obtained from Student Services and currently are not available online.Check the Academic Calendar for exact dates to withdraw, withdraw passing or withdraw failing.Being in the public domain refers to cinematic, dramatic, literary, musical, and artistic works that no government, organization, or individual owns, and as such is common property.There is no official list of films (or other works) in the public domain.

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