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We take no responsibility for the content on any website which we link to, please use your own discretion while surfing the links.. )* You know summer is officially over when..1) The waiters start asking you whether you want ice in your drink, instead of just bunging it in.2) There is a low lying mist over the cement rooftops when you wake up in the morning.3) You start turning the fan speed down from four to two.4) You start pulling out all the long sleeved clingy tops you had retired to the back of your cupboard and are contemplating opening the "winter clothes bundle" in Tall's closet.5) You curl your fingers around mugs of hot coffee and feel distinctly full of well-being.* You know your twentyfifth birthday is coming closer when..1) You stay home more often because you just want to sleep.2) You have a horrible old woman cough which isn't going.3) You fantasise about marrying Future Mr.(Usually, when I'm giving them shit advice, but hey, beggars can't be choosers.) It's my catch-all about revealing yourself, your expectations, even your little kinky quirks to the person you're considering dating right from the get go. Coz, I kinda want to be married in two years and so it'd be nice if you ALSO wanted to get married in two years, because then we're essentially not wasting each other's time." Sweetiebeans will either a) run for the hills or b) say, "Yes, Schmugglypoopoo. Okay, maybe not on the first date, but you've been out a couple of times, you've maybe spent the night once or twice, he's familiar-ish with your friends and you with his, as in, you could say hi, if you saw them in the market, and are now shyly replying to comments left on his Facebook wall. I've been going out quite a bit, but that's not really new.I've been bonding with Lali (Yamini is out of town) but that's not a surprising development.(Let's face it, the friends I give this advice to are going to nod very wisely, say, "No, no, dude, you're right" and then fuck off and do what they want anyway.) And, I find that sometimes when I see something written down, I'm more likely to take it seriously than when someone's just want a relationship with this guy? I could be into this." (But please, don't just randomly grab someone and kiss them.

Ooh, I've been doing a lot of thinking in the sphere of Relationships and so on. In fact, I haven't even come to a basic conclusion: do I or do I not want to be in a relationship right now?

The part of me that's all lonely and has no one to cuddle with says yes, of course I do.

But then my practical side (I have a practical side. ) takes over and I think of all the work I have to do and with book things happening and so on, do I really have the time to be able to focus on one person? I'm going to just shove my head in the sand some more.* I went to see Susheela Raman singing at Blue Frog yesterday. And we had a hip flask, so frequent loo breaks were happening.

Chitgo: hahahame: ooooh, it's a girl dragonwith eyelasheswhich blink Chitgo: no its notme: yes it is Chitgo: girl dragons dont do muchme: girl dragons can be fierceand roary Chitgo: ballsme: like yours have done you a big fat good: PChitgo: they sit around bitching about the diminishing flames of their boyfriendsme: he was an old flamethe spark has gone Chitgo: my balls are quite the vanquishing heroes, thank u very much.hahahame: come on baby light my fire Chitgo: yeah thats like the 'lets get it on' for dragonsme: your.. me: (that was falling down noise)Chitgo: dudewhere do u fall? me: it is whistling through sky noise Chitgo: nonsenseme: then when you land you go crunchity crunchsplaaaaaaaaaat Chitgo: splaat? biff baam boomme: like an extended splat Chitgo: tananananananaananana BATMANme: holy ravioli!

but i would pwushi would splat eveni'm so blogging this conversation Well, WE thought we were funny.

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