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If this property is not set, the default value is false.Note: the posix mode must be set correctly for your server in order for group integration to work.If you do not allow anonymous searches to your LDAP server, you must set this.a second DN in the directory can optionally be set.If set, the alternate base DN will be used for authentication and loading single users, but will not be used to display a list of users (due to technical limitations).a value of "true" indicates that LDAP referrals should be automatically followed.An example value for this field is "Username/uid, Name/cname".That searches the uid and cname fields in the directory and labels them as "Username" and "Name" in the search UI.* * Copyright (c) 2012 Yannick Albert ( * Licensed under the MIT license (I'm proud to announce the release of the Nitrogen Web Framework 2.1.0. Read the full announcement at

A referral is an entity that is used to redirect a client's request to another server. All directory operations will be performed with this account.The admin must be able to perform searches and load user records.function call_campaigns_cookie() } function make New Search() var interval Btn; function place Mobile Search Cancel Btn() function show Mobile Search Container() function hide Mobile Search Container() function mobile Sidebar Fix() var hide Mobile Header Container = true; $(document).ready(function(){ /*!* jquery.0.0.1 -* Scroll smooth to any element in your DOM.

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