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If I stay active on the PC all day, and the connection is not reset, it sticks to my prefered "allow only users on buddy list".

This suggests its a protocol problem reading the settings from my ICQ account.

Still, as of 2.0.0beta6, despite the privacy setting does not automatically change back to "Block only users below" any more, setting "allow only users on my buddy list" does not work as expected. The visibly selected option *does not* mean that that is the privacy setting that is applied for ICQ.

That is to say, does not work at all: messages from accounts that are not on my buddy list, including spam, are displayed as before. Comment By: Etan Reisner (deryni9) Date: 2006-09-07 First things first, the privacy dialog in gaim sucks. ICQ has complicated privacy settings with multiple privacy lists that are in use all at the same time.

gaim shows the privacy list that was last used in that dialog.

So just because the dialog changes doesn't mean anything actually is different.

In bot introduced binding to the computer, so you are not buying the bot and its registration code.

In case of death of the bot can: - Run to the body, and was raised by his side, did not give the debuff from the angel; - Resurrect an angel and wait spadenie debuff; - Resurrect the angel farm and continue ignoring the dangerous areas until the heat debuff; When filling the bags: - Sale of gray vendor trash and repair him; - Sending "useful" to loot the specified character, followed by a continuation of Pharma; - Fully customizable sending nafarmlennogo - you can send mail to multiple recipients, and send mail cash on delivery.Бот для работы с файлами — умеет хранить и делиться документами с другими пользователями. BIMSbot has an intuitive interface and is as simple to set up.I'm the local IM champion, and would like to keep this issue alive so that its resolution will help us be able to standardize on Pidgin. (Thanks Luke Schierer for cleanup/migration message) Reported by: cg0def Assigned to: Mark Doliner Priority: minor Milestone: 3.0.0 Component: libpurple Version: 2.0 Keywords: icq block user Cc: icq does not really support blocking users however there is an ignore list in the official client.The block user feature in pidgin does not work at all for ICQ and you also do not get a message saying that it would not work.

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The system also allows the bot reactions to respond to: - Private messages - Messages in the channel / say - Presence next to your player character - Move player (checking of GMom) Special features: - Bot support management via ICQ - at any time, in any place where there is access to the ICQ you can control the bot and reply to messages in the game; - Built-in assistant professions help in fully automatic mode, spray all of the green / blue / purple stuff and sift the desired grind ore or desired grass; - Visual map editor will allow for a few minutes to create a sketch of the route according to vovheda, as well as edit the existing route; - Control system zaglyuchennosti loot - in the event of a glitch client, in which mobs stop lutitsya bot timely track the problem and make the logout to resume loot; - Instant answer you in a personal writing in / say channel, guild chat, etc. And a lot of a lot of useful, do not fit into this description.

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