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"I don't think anyone would be really interested."As for her ex, Matt is a bit more optimistic.

While he "definitely would not get married again," the 53-year-old certainly doesn't want to rule out a girlfriend in the future."Right now I'm just getting to know myself and working on my health and taking care of the businesses and working on the farm," he explained.

That's notable only because it's unusual with the dynamic that involves Jeremy -- usually it's other people trying to like what Jeremy likes to impress and that sort of thing.Anyhow, nothing else had really changed at all since viewers had last seen the Roloffs on TV. Still hanging out with Jeremy, Mueller and the DBU a lot.Matt was still being Matt -- promoting pumpkin season attractions, Amy was still trying to develop the Amy Roloff brand separate from Matt and increase her public profile via her charity foundation. Jeremy still was living at home, hanging out with Mueller most hours of every day going on different kinds of "adventures" and without a real job -- aside from occasionally popping in to get paid by Matt to help with his dirt project with Intel as a dumping ground.If you're wondering what Jeremy's new girlfriend is like, perhaps one thing that will shed some light, is to say that she, like Jeremy, is a big supporter of the Solid Rock Church in Portland and lists John Mark Comer (and his Mother who has a Ministry for women) as one of her personal heroes and inspirations.That's one of the reasons why I always found it ridiculous when certain anonymous posters tried to deceive the public by calling us liars when we first reported that Jeremy loved John Mark Comer's church.

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