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Liljay – a famous rapper; one who is street-smart and talented. You can adopt this for any guy, “Lil-name” Little puff – a person who gets his way no matter what. Love bug – told to husband or one who is likely to become one. Machoman – handsome, good looking, sexy and charismatic. Major – impressive in strength and gallantry; a man who knows how to make a woman feel loved.

Log – one who is well endowed and jaw-dropping sexy. Lord of the Vikings – aggressive, hot, loud and rough. Marshmallow – Sweet nickname to call your boyfriend.

My Prince – my royalty, one who is very attractive in a dignified and royal way.

My pumpkin pie – endearing form to someone you love deeply.

Anchor – romantic name to call a boy who has won your heart.

Monsieur (sir) – cool nickname for a true gentleman. Moo – name of a drug that produces hallucinations; here, one who so sexy that make you see things. Mookie – one who melts in front the one who he loves. Muscular – the guy with 6-pack and looks only for you. My beautiful nerd – intelligent, skilled, but not too hot in looks. My Caesar – the ruler of my heart, the one who rules my mind and heart. My Drug – someone who is addictive; someone you need every moment. My Little Soldier (in the Army) – perfect nickname to call your boyfriend if he’s in the army.

Collywoggles – sarcastic, brilliant, wonderfully attractive. Cuddle buddy – warm, affectionate friend and lover all rolled into one. Kissy Face – best nickname for your adorable good-kisser. Kookie – can’t wait to sink your teeth in; this man is dessert.

Cuddle Cakes – cool nickname for your sweet snuggle partner. Cuddles – nicknames for boys that are sweet and cuddly. Krabby Patty – a man who is a delicacy by any standard.

My right hand – one without whom you can do nothing.

My Smile maker – one who brings the smile on your face; one who has made your life a pleasure. Panda chicken – adventurous, quick on his feet, and unique.

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Chuf chuf – nicknames for boys that are endearingly funny and cool. Cowboy – cool nickname for a boyfriend who is always in control of every situation – a dependable guy. Cutie Pie – good enough to eat, wonderfully handsome. Dada – cool nickname for a mature and reliable person. Grimm – Cool nickname for a guy who always has your back. Gummy bear – cool nickname for a super awesome and jolly boyfriend. Hero – one who is courageous, smart and attractive; who can bail you out of any jam. Honey Pants – you just can’t stay away from this one. Huggy Bear – guy whom you cannot resist hugging; attractive and huggable. Jocky – nicknames for guys that are athletic and handsome.

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