Poker tracker 3 error updating database r java not updating

update prepare-git to check for license header and copyright.wikify wiki page for windows install for with and without installer (based on website) (steffen) wiki page for gentoo install (based on website) finish updating filelist/wiki it finish todos in git instructions/wiki it change tabledesign VALIGN and add link to webpage howto remote DB move all user docs to wiki (steffen) contributor list on webpage validate webpage Wiki page for updating (carl) pgsql recreate doesnt work, and it may not store version field on creation if using sql file with pgadmin.check we're reading mucked cards from PS printplayerflags on and second stud hand, finish existing regression tests update blackbox testing to include all-in make sure total Profit shows actual profit rather than winnings. move any remaining all-in text filters into goes All In On This Line separate all gui and all processing into files that are named accordingly ensure that there is only one db handle flying around and that its state is handled properly, ie. i think that might be why we have to reconnect the DB in blackbox on one hold tourney hand and one stud tourney hand graphs for SD/F, W$w SF, [email protected] Generalise the graph interface to make adding filters simpler. why do we have to reconnect in tv.read_names_clicked?

Version 3.25 : - Added datamining for Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker.

Version 3.24 Beta : - Fix for Full Tilt Poker Ante table. Version 3.23 Beta : - Fix for latest Full Tilt Poker. - Added ability to move Full Tilt lobby during scan (optional). - Fixed shortstack recognition for latest Full Tilt Poker.

Version 3.21d Beta : - Fixed stacksize at Full Tilt. - Added ability to join a table for latest Full Tilt Poker client.

In the graph having a button named "Show sessions" would be nice.

(sqlcoder may have stumbled on this, fpdb_now has fix - Carl G) move and to utils file permission script, use games group change save_to_db into one method and probably move into parse_logic handle errors properly, in particular wrt to SQL rollback.

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Spade Eye Light does not include datamining Full Tilt Poker.

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