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The team members then reconvene as a group, and everyone takes turns presenting his partner's interesting facts to the group.This is another pair activity that helps with name recognition and learning more about each other.This often humorous exercise can help your employees bond, and it also can provide some perspective regarding their current jobs.This can be an effective icebreaker for new employees who have just met.Inter-departmental tasks also require icebreaker introductory activities.Whatever the situation, our list has some fun ways for people to get to know one another.

If you get that part right, then they’ll be that much more engaged, and that much more productive.

This activity helps everyone learn more about each other while lowering inhibitions.

Whether an office group knows each other well or it is time for an inter-departmental task, using an icebreaker game is a great way to get everyone relaxed and ready to be involved.

Each person on the other half of the team spends about three minutes talking individually to each of the seated members, who ask general questions such as name and background.

When the three minutes are up, each individual moves to the next seated team member and repeats the process. Develop a question like, "What famous person would your like to be for a day?

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Our list of icebreakers for work includes those for large groups and small.

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