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This sort of scene repeats itself in thousands of houses every day.Often when teenagers get an answer they don’t like — NO — they will ask again and again and again.But instead of sitting upright on the couch—preferably with a bowl of popcorn and two sodas between them— the two would often lie together, spooning. “I am a big proponent of no big public displays of affection by anyone,” the Ohio mom explains.

They were expensive, but Patty found a pair on sale and brought them home for her daughter, who was very excited to have them … This year, Patty bought a pair of winter boots for herself.If you are on the fence about a decision—or if your teen is particularly persistant about a certain topic—a good response is to say, “Convince me,” Weichman says.The process helps teenagers sharpen their negotiating skills and begin to understand what sorts of arguments hold sway.“In actuality, we have a lot of say over our kids’ behavior when it comes to sex and intimacy.But if you don’t weigh in, then they’ll just write you off and sometimes they’ll act almost to spite you.” In order to have a conversation with your child about sex and intimacy, parents first need to come to an understanding about what your own beliefs and stances are when it comes to issues of sex and what is acceptable behavior in their home.

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