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” What about some other factors concerning Romanian women?

Character itself is very interesting, they are mild, listen to the man but at the same time such a girl may turn into tigress out of a kitten.

Such ability to cook lies not only in traditions, given and passed from grannies to daughters, but by feminine ability to make a man happy, using different ways of pleasure and preparing dishes and treat man with them is something what hides somewhere deep in the heart of every Romanian woman.

Food is very important aspect between man and woman as it is not only pleasure, but when woman feeds his man, he gets strong and has power to protect family, to gain food for the family.

Some other features of Romanian girls are intelligence and ability to be interesting, talking on different topics nonstop, making Western man embarrassed and understand he has learned completely nothing in his rich and great western school.

Most of young Romanian girls go to Universities as to get education is sort of a habit and must in the country. Man, there are so many pretty girls walking down the streets everywhere that you are going to be out of mind by visiting this country for at least a week, though, I assume after a week this feeling gets a little more dull in order not to make man going really crazy, it’s like a protective gear of man’s body system.

After some of last words do not imagine Romanian woman as housewife in robe and slippers, who is staying near the stove all the daylong only visiting kids room to change dippers.

Some older Romanian women do the same by adding tons of make up on their face but I don’t really think this is real care about appearance.

Romanian women are emotional and this hot Southern blood mixture makes its work perfectly.

Romanian girls are eager to talk, at least when I was in Romania and wanted to get acquainted with some girl on the street, most of the time I asked how could I go to some place and all the girls stopped to help me, nicely smiling and trying to explain me something.

The color of eyes also varies from dark brown to deep blue and green.

Do, you can’t say seeing some average girl on the street being hundred percent sure: “Oh, this is Romanian girl walking down there!

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This treat has sacred meaning as when woman feeds a man she gives him energy and man converts this energy to new achievements.

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