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They spend a long time in the office and so they have little time to invest in finding love."It's becoming harder to meet suitable partners these days and that's one reason why people are getting married later," says party organiser Natsuko Minami.Remember how badly you wanted to go over to them, make a witty comment, sit down and have them laugh and gaze into your eyes? When you come in you’re shown to a table with only two seats: one for a man and one for a woman.And remember how they left before you actually did anything? You chat, flirt, sip coffee and eat cakes, and then after 30 minutes you get rotated to the next person to repeat the process until you’ve found someone to make the sacred connection with: sharing your cell number. You get unlimited coffee and cake for only 500 yen, one-fifth of the price for men. Aiseki Cafe (meaning “Sharing a Table With Someone You Don’t Know Cafe” or “Blind Date Cafe”) is located in Ginza, Tokyo.It’s owned by the same company that runs the upscale Lohas Ginza cafe, and it was established with the purpose of giving people a place to meet potential partners all day long.Unlike other speed dating programs, Aiseki Cafe is open all day with no reservations necessary, meaning you can stop in at any time to find the potential love of your life.As the population ages, more strain is being placed on the state pension system.

Let us know if you meet the man/woman of your dreams, or if you get kicked out for being too suave and breaking too many hearts.

▼ The interior of the cafe, in all its matchmaking glory.

When it comes to how much the cafe costs, it’s really not bad… While ladies can stay as long as they like, get unlimited drinks and a slice of cake for just 500 yen (US), gents are required to pay 2,500 yen () for an hour of unlimited drinks and a cake.

"That's why the local governments are coming up with incentives to encourage people to get married and give birth.

Remember that time you spotted that cute guy/girl at the cafe?

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