Updating cabinet hardware

They were old and dated and spoke 1980’s even though the camper is a 96′. The cabinet painting that we did really dictated that we needed to update the hardware. I used it to clean the labels of those containers for bulk storage.On deal sites, I had read about buying new cabinet and drawer pulls off of e Bay. It’s great for cleaning nasties and cuts through grease and build up. * You can buy larger quantities of orange oil online or from greenhouses.

These seemingly minor fixtures can in fact add a ton of style to your kitchen cabinets and provide a great vehicle for your creative spirit.

Revive those boring kitchen cabinets with our kitchen cabinet hardware including decorative knobs, cabinet pulls, or kitchen cabinet knobs.

Try replacing your hardware with glass door knobs, and cabinet hinges to give your kitchen an instant facelift.

(Struts are those little levers that hold overhead cabinet doors up so you don’t bonk your head) I REALLY didn’t want to buy new. If you spray too heavily, it will run and be a junked up mess. It’s easy and you don’t need to mess with painting screw heads. From the picture, you can see it looks clean and classic rather than dingy and dated.

The existing were perfectly fine, they just didn’t match. Mark actually found a stray hinge and tried spraying it without cleaning it first. Don’t spray heavy, take it easy, and apply a few coats. In choosing the paint, I actually followed this website’s tip (which I found on Pinterest). I love it and it was very cost effective for us to do.

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