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At this meeting it was decided to launch a new high-end product line to beat Gateway.

Vernon Weiss was assigned as product manager to spearhead and manage the new product.

Due to corporate restructuring in the spring of 2008, the XPS brand was scaled down and then discontinued.

In 2008 the former XPS line became known as "Studio XPS" and Dell advertised it as a performance computer line while Alienware was being advertised for gaming.

The "Special Edition" version of this desktop, (starting price 9 as of Jan '13), comes standard with such advanced features as an Intel Core i7, Blu-ray drive and a 32 GB Intel SRT SSD mounted on the motherboard to enhance the operational speed of the traditional hard disk. The Studio XPS, also referred to as Studio XPS 435MT, was released November 16, 2008.

There are dust particles trapped between the screen and the touch panel.

Some buyers even received several exchanges or screens replacements and the issue still remains. sort=rating&dir=asc Released on May 2, 2012, the Dell XPS 8500 is the first version in this series to have the third-generation Intel Quad Core i5 and i7 processor added to it.

While the XPS designation used to mean the hardware was high-end and well suited for gaming, that is no longer the case.

For example, the XPS 200 is limited to extremely low-end video cards, while the XPS M140 is only configurable with Intel video, thus making both systems unsuited for gaming or high-end usage.

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From 1997 to 2001, as Dell grew into a large corporation, the XPS line lost its position as the leading-edge performance machines and became essentially just a line for fast computers.

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