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✓ Increase order frequency and size✓ Improve customer loyalty✓ Stay top of mind With your branded restaurant and takeaway app, customers can order food, customise toppings, load previous orders, reserve tables, and make payments - all without speaking to anyone.✓ Automatically suggest properties to clients✓ Show properties with image galleries and video✓ Book appointments without calls and emails You can automatically make location-based property suggestions to anyone using your app.

Meanwhile, the £1,000 cash bounty will allow them to reinvest and scale.

The initiative follows reports from industry insiders that DIY Dating are no longer in operation.

With over 12 years’ in business and more than £100 million paid out to partners to date, White Label Dating boasts the most robust and scalable dating solution on the market, with a team of almost 170 working behind the scenes to ensure that partners achieve consistently growing revenues.

Or, if you know the URL address of the photo, you can copy that from the URL bar and paste that web address in the Google search box, and choose their "search by image" option.

That way, you could uncover the same photo showing up on other sites—like stock photography websites or on the real person's website—which will let you know whether you're dealing with a liar.2.

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